The Ninja Auto iQ vs Vitamix S30, Which is the Best?

This is a Vitamix vs Ninja blender reviews article, in this article you will find in depth comparison between the top 2 blenders Ninja Auto iQ and Vitamix S30. This Ninja vs Vitamix article will also cover honest reviews on those 2 products.

Smoothies are a loved by pretty much everyone. Smoothies can be made at home at any time. When making smoothies, you get to experiment with different ingredients and flavors.

An important and crucial aspect to smoothies is the type of blender you use. There are two blenders on the market today that are neck and neck for the best blender out there.

This article will compare the Ninja Auto iQ vs Vitamix S30, to see which one is the best blender. Each of these blenders offer some similar, yet different qualities. It is important to know what you are looking for in a blender prior to reading this article.

The name Ninja is popular just about everywhere. There is no doubt that Ninja has developed a household name, but does that mean it is the best? Vitamix is a little lower key than the brand Ninja, but it also offers some great features. Which one is the best blender? This article will outline the design, features, contents, quality, and nominate a winner for the best.

Let’s first take a look at both of the blenders. This will help any of you style savvy consumers. By far, the Ninja is a better-looking blender in terms of modern and sleek technology. The Ninja is bulkier than the Vitamix, so if space is an issue, then this answers your question.

Ninja vs Vitamix

  •   Name
  •   Weight
  •   Height
  •   Wattage
  •   Speeds
  •   Content (Inside the Box)
  •   Vegetable Smoothies
  •   Fruit smoothies
  •   Nut Smoothies
  •   Hot Soups and Sauces
  •   Warranty
  • Ninja Auto IQ
  • Weighs 12 pounds
  • 15 inches tall
  • 1000
  • A touchpad with several different options and a countdown timer
  • An 18-ounce travel container
  • A 24-ounce travel container
  • A 32-ounce pitcher
  • A book of 30 recipes
  • Better for cutting the hard vegetables
  • Performs the same
  • Better quality blades
  • Issues warning against hot liquids
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Vitamix S30
  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • 14 inches tall
  • 790
  • A knob dial to adjust the speed and pulse option.
  • A 20-ounce travel container
  • A 40-ounce pitcher
  • A book of 130 recipes
  • A Tamper for pushing ingredients to bottom
  • Dull Blades make it hard to chop tough veggies
  • Performs the same
  • Duller Blades
  • Perfect for this
  • 5-year full warranty


The design of these two blenders vary greatly. The Ninja Auto IQ features a set of sharp stainless steel blades. While this can be beneficial for cutting those hard ingredients, it can be a hazard for families.

The Vitamix S30 offers duller blades that still gets the job done. The Ninja is built with rubber and plastic, while the Vitamix is built with metal. This creates a more durable design that is equipped to last a lifetime.

The Ninja also features a nice touch pad display to adjust the speed and functions for your mixture. The Vitamix contains a dial knob to adjust the speed settings. This is merely a preference, as we have not found one to be better than the other. The Vitamix is a slimmer blender. The Ninja is 15.5 inches tall and weighs around 12 pounds, whereas the Vitamix is only 14 inches tall and weighs a mere five pounds. The Ninja also appears to be bulkier in size. If you want a small and slender blender, then the Vitamix is definitely your choice.


So, you may be wondering what each blender comes with to better help your decision.

The Vitamix S30 comes with a twenty-ounce portable container that features a flip top lid. There is also a forty-ounce compact container that is ideal for family use.

The Ninja Auto IQ comes with one small (eighteen ounce) travel cup with lid, a large (twenty-four ounce) travel cup. Both of these have sip and seal lids to prevent spills on the go. There is also a large multi-serve, thirty-two-ounce pitcher.

Each of these contain a recipe book that is included with your purchase. The Vitamix comes with 130 recipes to help get you started on your smoothies. The Ninja only comes with 30 recipes. The Ninja comes with three different sets of blades for use. The three types are: pro-extractor blades, Tahoe crushing blades, and dull blades. The Vitamix comes with only one set of blades, but does contain a tamper for the use of pushing ingredients down for a smoother mixture.


The recommended minimum wattage for a motor is 1000-watts. This is due to the thickness of green smoothies. Green smoothies require tougher ingredients than regular smoothies.

A motor that is less than 1000-watts cannot break up these ingredients as well as the motors over 1000-watts.

A smoothie obtains a better texture when the ingredients are blended well. The Ninja contains a 1000-watt motor, whereas the Vitamix only has a 790-watt motor. If you happen to be a green smoothie connoisseur, then the Ninja is perfect for you. Each of these blenders are dishwasher safe, which is makes cleaning easier. An important note is the plug-in types. The Ninja is a two-pronged cord and the Vitamix is a three-pronged. The type of outlets in your kitchen will reflect the type you will choose.

The Vitamix S30 contains a dial knob for changing the speed and function needed for your smoothie. The Ninja Auto IQ contains a digital countdown timer that shows how much time is left on your IQ program. There are also two manual speeds on the Ninja for use if you choose to.

Let’s talk about the ease of use. The Ninja’s keypad offers a stop and start option for convenience of adjusting the smoothness of the mixture. There is also an extraction, pulse and low, blend, and smooth boost. The Vitamix only contains a knob to adjust the speed and contains a pulsing feature. The Ninja can be a little more complicated to operate with the touchpad. The Vitamix wins in the category of ease of use. The Vitamix has a lid that the seal easily detaches from, whereas the Ninja has a tighter seal that is hard to detach. This can cause issues with cross contamination.

The Vitamix offers an interchangeable blade base that cane used with both the travel container and the larger pitcher.


Quality is an important factor when buying a blender. When deciding on a blender think of what you will use it for. Both of these blenders offer the ability to make on the go smoothies with ease. The Ninja offers two travel containers, whereas the Vitamix only offers one.

The Vitamix is more suitable for families, as it offers forty-ounces in the pitcher. The Ninja only offers thirty-two-ounces. The Ninja runs at 24,000 RPMs whereas the Vitamix operates at 37,000 RPM’s. An additional benefit of the Ninja, is that all of the blades are removable and dishwasher friendly. This makes the Ninja easier to clean than the Vitamix. Each blender offers recipes, but which ones hold up the best in this category?

Fruit Smoothies: The Ninja and the Vitamix are very similar in this category. The Ninja’s blades help to break up the thicker fruits, whereas the Vitamix offers a tamper to push those tough ingredients towards the bottom.

Vegetable Smoothies: The Ninja performs better in terms of vegetable smoothies. The pro-extractor blades chop tough vegetables, such as carrots, into a smooth mixture for perfect smoothies.

Nut Based Smoothies: The Ninja has sharper blades to help break up the nuts into finer and smoother substances. The Vitamix has duller blades and it can create a frothy style mixture that can contain chunks.

Hot Soups and Sauces: Unfortunately, the Ninja is not built to produce hot liquids. There is a warning side in the manual against using hot liquids, as it is not suitable for this. The Vitamix, however, will produce instant hot soups with no issues.

Now, let’s talk about the warranty that each one offers. The Ninja only offers a one year limited warranty for normal wear and tear regular household use. The Vitamix offers a five-year warranty on everything that is inside the box. The shipping and return is covered as well. While the Ninja is a more popular household name, the warranty is just not as sufficient.

We are not going to go into details about prices. It is important to note that the Ninja is three times cheaper than the Vitamix. The Ninja is far more suitable for budget oriented individuals. The Ninja comes with more additives and features. It offers two travel containers and three sets of blades. The Vitamix does not offer this. So, what makes up the significant price change? The Vitamix is built much more durable and stable than the Ninja. When the two are side by side there is an obvious distinction between the two and the way they were built.

When choosing a blender, it is important to know what you are looking for. As we stated in the above sections of the article, each article specializes in specific categories. It is important to do your research and to conclude on what you are looking for in a blender. Every blender has advantages and disadvantages, but there is a perfect one for your needs. The Vitamix S30 and the Ninja Auto IQ can fit your everyday needs.

In The End, the overall winner is….

We have chosen not to pick an exact winner for the best smoothie blender. Each one of these blenders offers something the other does not. It is hard to decide on just one winner, when they both have advantages and disadvantages alike. One of the main features, is knowing how much money you are willing to spend. That is a big determining factor in this purchase. We have included a chart to help you better understand why we have a tie for the best blender of the two.

Overall, these two are neck and neck for the best blender on the market. In our opinions, one does not outweigh the other. The best blender is merely decided upon your preference. If you are looking for a sleek and slim space saver, then the Vitamix is for you. if you care more about the features then the Ninja is for you. It comes with two travel containers and three sets of blades. The hot soups and sauce is a deal breaker for you and is something you will make often, then the Vitamix is the clear choice. Budget is an aspect to keep in mind, as these two are at different ends of the spectrum. The more expensive choice is the Vitamix, whereas the Ninja is a relatively cheap blender. You will be happy with either of these choices. It is a matter of preference and what is truly important to you when buying a blender.

And the winner goes to…. The Vitamix S30. Although the Ninja is a relatively cheaper choice, and a well-known brand, it cannot hold up to that of the Vitamix. The Ninja does not allow for you to make hot to go soups and sauces, where the Vitamix does. For this reason, the money is not a factor. The Ninja does contain sharper blades for the tough vegetables and other ingredients, but the Vitamix provides a tamper to help push these tough ingredients to the bottom. The Vitamix also comes with a longer warranty for full coverage. The Ninja only offers a limited warranty. The Vitamix offers a more thorough recipe book to help you get started on your smoothies, soups, and sauces.

While we have decided on the Vitamix S30 to be the winner, either of these blenders are a great addition to your kitchen appliance list. We hope this research has helped you in your search for the perfect blender.


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